Saturday, January 3, 2009

Maria Virginia Chapero..

Mi amig0..
i call her,maria..
i l0ve her very damn much!!
she is very special fwenz 4 me..
bec0me fr0m Argentina..speak in Spanish..
she's really2 gud bestfriend!!!
she lurve red c0lour n kn0w my fvr0t cl0ur to0,blue!!

als0 can speak malay..haha..
kekdg,klakr gak ble dia ckap bhse mlyu ni..
but,it's 0k..she like 2 speak in malay with me..
dngn aku jer ckap bhse mlyu,kekdg smpai dh jdi cm rojak..
haha..cmpur2 deh..bc0z i'm n0t s0 gud in english..huhu..upss..
i juz can teach her read malay language but can n0t 2 explain
the meaning..(blasah jer ar aku speaking2 ni..haha..)

she need 2 g0 back her c0untry..
at 6pm..flight on 9pm..i wanttt 2 meet her
4 der last time..aarrgghhh..s0 b0red if u n0 at here..
i'm will missing u,darling!!! time rarely s0 cruel with me..
bull shittt...huh..
why every pe0ple that i l0ve will t0 leave me??huwaa...

p/s:te queir0 muchas!!!te v0y a extranior muchas!!!

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