Saturday, April 18, 2009

my Heart is so Hurt..

I'm not a perfect woman to be on you..
i'm not a gud gurlz to be your's..
to stand beside sit behind you..
to fall for you..and maybe for you,
i'm not so suitable to be with you..

i'm blame myself when I in lurve with you..
i'm blame myself again bc0z i'm always think bout you..
although you never think bout me..
so stupid am i,right??
never for get bout you however you break my heart too much..!! shit..
boyz,you all so cruel with me,dear..why??tell me the reason,please..
i need your explain..!!

Am I not competent to get some lurve from you?
yeah..i'm looking for myself..
Fatty gurlz..Ugly woman and whatever the bad thing bout myself..
that's why mybe i can't get my lurve from you people that's i lurve..
hurm..I'm pray for God hope that's you happy when you do like this
to me..Let me medicate my hurt self...
no body can understand me..

I hate myself for loving you..!!
when you in my mind,i'm feel like want to cry.. feeble myself..
I don't know what my fault I do with you..
go as far as you leave me..

Don't call me 'sygg' if did you not really lurve me..
don't take know bout myself if one day
you want to leave me if you get better gud gurlz then me..
don't give me even a chip hope for me
if one day you crushed the hope by yourself..

God's,please give me better nice mankind
to help me evoke from this frustration..
I'm feeble to do it by myself..
God's,if i do wrong..please forgive me..
I'm juz a normal human..always do wrong
in my life..

my heart juz have one only..
please..i can give my heart if you really lurve me.. but one thing i beg you,please don't break it..
bcoz it's so hurt if i'm feel that...

by myself,

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