Saturday, April 4, 2009


I really miss u so much,dear..
do u know bout dat's??
why nver u call me?
send me ur news from there?
are u already 4get bout me?
i can undrtsnd dat u're very bzy right now..
hurm..if u can call azu,why not me too..
i'm very jelous if azu tell me dat's u ever
call her..but,i can accept if u juz send ur regrd
to me..i really miss ur voice..
miss ur smile..miss ur eyes..and all bout u,
i really miss evrything bout u..n aslo ur beef curry..
i'm proud with u dat's u can cook da curry..
i'm not so gud like u,dear..i miss ur singing dat's we sing a song 2gether"Sempurna".."kalis rndu"..
"Aspalela"..n many malay song dat u kown..also ur speak malay with me.. u're very farrr a wayy from
me,dearr..Argentina to M'sia..25hour from here to go there..

one day,i think dat's i want to try call u by iTalk..but i don't know how to use..huhu..
n i hope so muchh..i can see u, one sweet day..
Laura, i miss u too..dear..

Te Extranio muchisimo..
te quero,quedate..

p/s:my english is not very gud..
if i do wrong spelling or whtever..
i'm surry..:D

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