Monday, January 4, 2010

H.N.Y..!& what i'm feel just n0w..!


hey,guys..this is my 1st post on 2010..0uhh..Happy New Year to all..! :) I didn't celebrate the new year day for this year..huhu..and i gonna sleepy so early bc0z i'm feel s0 bored..and s0 that i can't see the fireworks front from my flat..huhh.. :'(

dear friend,

Now i'm feel s0 sad juz like want to cry but i can' one's ask me why n0w i'm feel like that..i need 'someone' to talk but i don't want their feel more trouble with my trouble..cause i'm feel their can't understand what i'm feel n0w..
i'm s0 worried bc0z until n0w my celcome num can't send msg or call with everyone since last nigth Friday after hangout with hajar n her mother's with ibu lela..and my 3G signal gonna missing t0o..shiittt...but why so long it come to me???pls someone wh0's can explain it to me?? the tagline in my phone is..'no network to access'.. tell me what wr0ng with that..pls..

something else..i'm still can't forget about him..dun't kn0w why..i think i'm strong without him..but i'm mistake..i try to forget him..i want to try it..even i forced to be the very2 HIPOCRITE person..i don't like it actually..but i forced..!! i can feel that he very be relax without fast he can forget me n him words..YOU ARE So CRUEL,dear..!!!!maybe this is my fault t0o..huhh..i have said with u before this,pls tell me if i do something wr0ng..but,you???juz quietly..OMG..!
Fuhhh~ i hope i CAN do it..juz pray for me,guys.. ^^,

'I dropped a tear in the ocean.. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you..'
-Yiko Nadzmi- tQ,dear.. :D

5 Jan '10

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