Friday, November 12, 2010

This is NOT my 1st time !

yeah !
who's know just know it,
who's understand , just understood it !
this is not my 1st time to like sombody !
and i know that i can't get it ..

Alhamdulillah..i really2 be grateful with Allah..
cause i can know the truth even it so hurt and hard to
accept it !
so, i will not to fall in 'like' with him to much..
and who's dun't know
something, yess.. i have some1 already !
so, i dun't need to be hoper with him !

so silly to be myself when his front my eyes !
hahahaa..damn it ! but, i'm only be myself and still behave it !

one more thing that i really grate it !
school holiday is coming soon !
yesss ! haha..i never hate him just dun't want to like him anymore !
so, i will make sure that i can delete him from my mind this holiday..

i hope the guys will be happy with his 'fruit heart'..
she's so cute and pretty woman !
you n her so lucky can be each other until now,
congrats !

him only as a long as his still me too !

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