Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm lonely so much

I'm lonely so much

I'm lonely so much
I'm feeling lonely so soon
I'm lonely day and night
I'm lonely time and minter
I'm lonely week and year
I'm feeling lonely so lonely
I'm lonely inside and out
I'm lonely all time
because i can't find you by my side
Every day hope and pray
you would always stay by my side
my life so lonely
becaues you not next to me
I wish and pray that you will come back to me
but as for today
you take care for you self up there
And I'll tried to live my life here
walking alone with out you
wishing that you are next to me
And ever time i close my eyes
i still see you lip by my side
as for now goodbye
i'll see you again and we'll be together
forever goodbye my love tonight I'll hear
you voice in my mind
Ever it's only in my dream

bontu koji

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