Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am Wishing for SOMETHING..

I hope I can get one like this bear..
So, when I see this cutie bear..
I am thinking about you.
When I'm missing with you,
I can HUG n KISSing it too,
and I can feel like I really do it with you.
I want something that can make me feel like I close with you.. EVERYTIME.
Can I??
This bear,
so cute, so sweet & I like it.~!
I wish I can to have one someday,
from somebody
that I love so much~!
It is you??
I will be waiting for the moments it's come true~!
With A Lot of LOVE alias LOL~!
and also XOXO a.k.a big HUG & KISS just for you..~!

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