Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please Don't Called Me Like That ANYMORE~!

Called me what,beb??
Hahaha...Bullshit~!! Don't ever never called me 'syg' anymore ! i hate it..!
you wanna tried to me actually..i know it,but..i has someone rigth now in my life.. Thank you Allah.. YOU show me the truth.. between sympathy and true love ..
YOU saved me from further drift to the sense of uncertainty.. I just said about it before..but, it is the long story.. I won't never to reminded it anymore..but, i need to do it again.. Only 2 (TWO) 'person' can call me 'syg' n i knew i won't them to leave me whatever will be happpen someday..cause I couldn't life without them.. I don't mind if my beloved friend wanna call me like that..but, to you boys..pls..don't make me confius with your call to me.. I don't think that you are really love me and you never know me.. AS A ME .. NOT FOR WHO I AM NOT ~! and please DON'T BE HYPOCRITe with yourself..

remember, when i call you guys 'syg' .. I MEANT IT.. i do love you all.. pls don't broke my heart. It will be so hurt..


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