Monday, August 16, 2010

I Know..

I know that you still want me,
I know that you still need me,
I know that you miss me,
& the most important that I know is
You still LOVE me...

Why don't you just tell me the truth about your
Why don't you just tell me that you still LOVE me?
I can read behind the words you implied.
You said that you are jelous when I'm with my other
boy friend..
I told you already that they just my friend & I'm still single
after me with you.

Don't ask me the same question..
cause I'm still feel the same with you.
But, I'm not sure if I'm still can accept you for
the 2cnd time.
My mind is always thinking about you,
still remember our sweet memory.
It's hard to forget whatever we do together..
& when we spend time together..

You may be my last love ...
if I can't find who's the best guys to
replace you from my heart.
if I can't find who's can accept me as a me..
& the most important is,
who's can accept my temper if them be with me.

I wont to be hoping any more..
I just hope to be more mature about myself.
& I hope I can be SUCCSESSFUL in my FUTURE~!
not only think about LOVE okeyh~!

11:31 am.

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