Sunday, August 15, 2010

What should I need to do now??

Salam Ramadan Al-Mubarak to u all,guys~!

Actually, i don't have any idea's to create something new on my blog.. I am really2 so bored tonight.. Suddenly, my idea's came on my mind.. & now, i just want to share about my homework a.k.a assignment~! 0h..God.. can i done it before the date for submit all my assignment?? aisshh... Whatever larr..i just try my best to do n finish it b4 submit..

Here are My assignment that i should have to finish it is:-

Sejarah Tamadun Dunia 940/1
for hand out & assignment for individual
need to submit b4 test.
it is about Tamadun Yunani.

Sejarah Tamadun Malaysia
i need to do presentation & just standby
to present it.
hand out,
Assignment for individual.
submit on 29 Sept 10
after present.
It's about Golongan Intelektual.

Next week~!
our 1st test for Lower PPU
the 1st paper is
Microeconomi !
i really ever prepare for this subject
& also with other subject.


This only does the task that i need to prepare??
Hope so.. more thing..
next Thursday is
our fraction of for Kolokium.
I hope i can get the best teacher & the best patner~!

Only this for today..
thanks 4 ur read..
Good Nyte All~!
so sleepy..

Sunday, 15 August 2010

p/s: my english is not much better, i just tried to type in english. pls leave ur comment,
so i can improve my text in bI..tQue.. :)

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