Saturday, January 22, 2011

When I am On my DUTY day !

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera
to all of my blogger who's are reading here !

today in my entri post for this one, i would like to writing n share my stories in English..
Hope it will can improve my writing for MUET and forever until I am finish my study and get working one day !
I know that I am not good enough for my English on Writing & Speaking..
so, this is for one of my alternative to make it improve !
Practise make it PERFECT, right?

now this i want to share with you guys about
'What Happen to Me on this Morning?' !
Hohoho !

Today, my school have 'sekolah ganti' for next Cuti Berganti on 31 Jan 2011.
So, we all SMK Seri Permaisuri students need to attending to school and use Monday table.
Every Monday, i have my class duty and accidentlly we use Monday table for
this Saturday.
Yeaahh !
of course i'll make it if i didn't forget to do it.
but, have someone in my class just spoil my mood on this morning !
Gahhh ! I HATE the situasion it is !
How dare you spoil my mood in early morning !!
Hello, I know my duty ok..i don't mind if you just want to reminded me about
my duties today,
and sure i will do under this picture !
Your inflaction/voice tones, made me touching !
Not for this today only, but before this also !
I really damn frust with you !!

Why don't you try to spoke nicely to me?
why must you raise your voice when you want to talk with me
or i asked something from you??
why do you can speak very nicely with others people?
and why when you need something from me, then you speak a bit soft to me??
Am I really bad for you since we at Seri Mulia before this until now??
Seriously, i really don't mind if you need my helping or something from me..
Unless, you can kindness with me, you don't satiriez me, speak nicely to me..
yeahh, of course i will entertain you sincere from my heart..
just like them, our class-mate..
Since first time you come n join my class last year,
my feeling is very bad n i can feel something what will be happen to me when you
come and join my class-mate..
and my feel is quite right 98.9% ..

Beb, i don't mean to hate or dislike you until like this..
but your attitude make me feel really not comfortable when I'm with you and
our class-mate, i can't be OWN myself !
I really touched whatever do you do to me, kind or bad..
I can forgive you if you really can promise never do like this to me !
I know whatever you made to me it is good for me,sometime !
okeyh, and I'll would accept it with
As one of my class-mate and my school-mate,
yeahh..I really do LOVE you !
since i'm at my old school until i'm here(SMKSP),I trought same the situation like this..
i don't know until when i need to live like this.

p/s: i still need to use dictionary and translator to refers for some words that i'm not sure.
heheee~ ^_^

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