Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moment @Achiever's Nite 2012

Hot Buddies girl-u !
@Summit Hotel, Subang USJ
my Mummy Kodies (my 1st leader)
New Owner/Manager, DM, VP
Mister Shahrul on stage 15th January 2012
Mr.Mohd Shahrul Anwar. His my SPIRIT, my IDOL, my INSPIRATION, my SIFU..He was get promoted as a new Owner/Manager on 13th January 2012 around 9.30am by our Mr.Kays (di ofis). You guys know what? last two week he was with me and kak Wani (now she's a new leader one also) be our buddy, our leader & for the last week also he with me again and teach me many thing at field. Seriously, actually I don't know how to discribe and share my feel last Friday with you guys when the day his still be my leader when he get promoted as a new manager !! But, i am little bit frustated when I can't achive my goal before last night..Nevermind, i'm still in learning proccessing and on the way to be one of the up coming leader. Now a day, I wont think too much any personal problem. But, my problem now and my question for my self is "what should I do to improve my self at field to be up coming leader after this?" =.=' Not really easy to become easier. Just think positive and make more effort for this week. (sampai bila nak berada di bawah,kan?)

I really want to hear one day when he promoting me as a new owner on the next Achivers Nite, he will say that "... she's GROWING UP infront of my eyes ! Eventhough she was BLA BLA BLA and bla bla bla so on~ ... As off today, our Era is a brand new owner today !"
On The WAY ! woott woott~
"Angan-angan & impian serta cita-cita & berharapan tak perlukan MODAL pun. Tapi, bila kita dah berada dalam situasi seperti berikut, jika kita hanya berdiam & terus berangan saja tak guna juga . Yang penting, USAHA kaw kaw itu kita bubuh sekali semasa mengejar segala impian & mencapai matlamat ." -QSS- 

Ya Allah,
permudahkanlah segala urusanku dalam mencapai matlamat hidup utk masa hadapanku.
Berikanlah juga aku kekuatan, semangat & sabar serta yakin akan hikmahnya aku berada di situ.
Begitu juga dengan mereka yg bersungguh utk mencapai matlamat & impian mereka.

broken eng. is it ok? huhu~

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